Bitcoin for Backpage

Visa and MasterCard are actually hurting women

Since Visa and MasterCard decided stop payments on the classified portal Backpage citing “moral and legal” issues after the sheriff from the second-largest county in the United States asked them to stop, many women in the oldest profession in the world are finding it difficult to advertise on backpage in order to get their customers.
Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has probably hurt women more than he his helping them, but this could be the best thing for bitcoin yet.

High end escort teaches other escorts about Bitcoin

She goes by the name of Corrine and judging from readily available third party reviews, she has more than a few satisfied customers. She doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs and offers her services to physically challenged adults. I don’t know what that means, but I am guessing people in wheelchairs or like that guy in the Helen Hunt movie.
She wrote a meticulous blog post teaching other escorts about bitcoin, pointing out resources and companies that you can trust. She even linked to the “We Use Coins” video. This type of grass roots awareness is what helps bitcoin the most.

Sex is big business

The US Department of Justice published a report that found sex markets are very extensive, lucrative and perhaps more sophisticated now that the Internet is around to help with bookings. The Washington Post wrote:

The entire illegal sex economy in Atlanta – including brothels, escort services and dubious massage parlors –was valued at $290 million. In Miami, it was $205 million (that’s more than twice the size of the market there for illegal drugs). In Washington, it was $103 million. On the low end, in Denver it was about $40 million.

Even in America prostitution legal in some places

Prostitution is legal in more countries than it is not. Cutting off funds to these workers who may need to pay rent or feed their children is horrible. MasterCard and Visa probably won’t suffer from from an angry backlash, but they should know what they are doing is wrong.